The Steam-Punk Distillery Machine built for the Secret Garden Party

Josephine is a unique piece of interactive recycled sculpture from the award-winning Circus Kinetica. Utilising audience powered bicycle units to move water and power electronics she melds cutting edge technology with found materials and traditional techniques to create an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Josephine is designed to look like a Kinetic Distillery from a Mythical Victorian Future. Interactive kinetic elements provide entertainment and educate about the basics of renewable energy.

-Detachable stage for Bands and Performances
-Full working bar with ice-crushers and cocktail dispensers
-Several Cycle Mechanisms Generating Electricity and Pumping Water
-Electronic instruments including the World’s First Cycle Powered Arduino controlled Theramins and tactile squelch pads
-Bespoke Plasma display and Sound System
-Intelligently Controlled Programmable light displays

And much more including Hang-Drum columns, Spiral Water Runs, Water-wheel powering Cam Wave Generators, Detailed back-bar mechanisms including ‘Photosynthetic Fructose Injectors’, ‘Counter-Rotating Spirit Manifolds’ and ‘Accelerated Cognac Condensers’ and all manner of other intriguing and fantastical mechanisms and kinetic delights...